SkyLog for Private Pilots

SkyLog is today’s modern, sensible way for you to record your flight records and data. It's secure, easily backed-up, and convenient. Gone are the days when you needed to wade through columns of information on multiple pages, adding up figures on scraps of paper.

Because SkyLog is JAR IEM FCL 1.080 (previously CAP 407) compliant it is accepted by the CAA for Licence and Rating applications. The logbook pages it produces can fully replace your old fashioned logbook - you know, the one you're terrified of losing.
You don't need to be a computer expert, either, because SkyLog is easy to download from the internet or load from a CD. The screens are simple to understand and laid out in a logical format - you may well find that SkyLog is so intuitive that you do not need the built-in help screens.

Of course, you are probably wondering what SkyLog looks like on your computer screen, so we have included a number of screen images for you to inspect. Please bear in mind that useful size images may take a few moments longer to download than ordinary text pages, but we think you'll agree it's worth knowing what you're buying!

Here is a complete list of features:

  • Accepted by the CAA & FAA for Licence and Rating applications.
  • Full JAR IEM FCL 1.080 and CAA CAP 407 compliance.
  • Approved by AOPA United Kingdom
  • JAR IEM FCL 1.080 and International Logbook print formats.
  • Pilot and Employer address database.
  • Licence, Medical and Ratings details. Expiry date monitoring with User-selectable warning periods.
  • Recent experience monitoring for maintaining JAR 12-month Type/Class Ratings and 90-day passenger carrying privileges.
  • Audit facility for viewing/printing of all amended Flight Records.
  • Flight Records search facility based on any criteria e.g. dates, a/c type, a/c registration etc.
  • Single Record and tabular Flight Records displays.
  • Minimal Flight Record data entry requirements .
  • Flight and Check Flight Records search facility based on any criteria e.g. dates, A/C type, A/C registration, etc.
  • Aircraft database for your a/c. Includes hours flown per aircraft and defaults for routes flown and costs-per-hour.
  • Aircraft performance database for weights, fuel capacities/weights & consumption and speeds, e.g. Va, Vne.
  • Simulator session database.
  • Handles instrument approaches in addition to JAA required data.
  • Comprehensive reports for Total, Annual & Monthly Hours for selectable periods; includes Day/Night P1, P1/s, P2 & Dual M/E & S/E, Turbine, Simulator, Instrument and more.
  • Total Hours report selectable for Fixed wing and/or Rotary aircraft and for any combination of selectable period and flight record field, e.g. A/C type, registration, destination etc..
  • Annual & Monthly Flying costs.
  • Flight and Simulator Instrument Approaches report for selectable periods.
  • Check flights report including last flight and check flight dates for each aircraft.
  • Aircraft Types report detailing hours flown, for each A/C for selectable periods
  • Routes report detailing, for selectable periods, routes flown, the number of times flown and the last flight date.
  • Destinations report detailing, for selectable periods, the destinations flown to, the number of times flown to and the last flight date.
  • Both tabular and Chart formats available for many reports.
  • Many different report Chart types available e.g. Bar, pie, line etc.
  • Cumulative Hours data entry facility for entry of significant numbers of historical hours.
  • FAA Certification stamps printing facility for biennials etc.
  • Selectable date and currency formats.
  • Selectable colours for editable and non-editable fields/tables.
  • Decimal or Hours:Minutes flying hours' formats.
  • Comprehensive printing and print preview facilities.
  • 4900+ International Airport Database selectable by Name or ICAO code and location
  • Data file backup and restore facilities, including backup reminders.
  • Comprehensive on-line Help.
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP compatible.
  • Supplied with Palm and Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 2003) interface
  • ONLY 24.90 (CD ROM) or 19.90 (Web download) GBP.