PC based SkyLog Pilots Personal Logbook Software was first published in 1996 it was the brainchild of Andrew Sowerby previously Project Manager Advanced Network Systems for a global telecoms company and avid pilot holding CPL with Instructor ratings.
CAA and FAA Instrument rated pilot Charles Strasser OBE, the original publisher of Navtor flight planning programme, saw the software, liked it, helped to develop it further and set about marketing it to private pilots.
After long negotiations and amendments of the programme, SkyLog became the first and only computerised pilots log book accepted by the CAA and subsequently the JAA.
During 1996 the interest from Professional pilots was escalating with many requests for extra functionality to cater for the rigorous work loads experienced by many in the scheduled and charter industry, this led to the introduction of SkyLog Pro which included the duty hours monitor which has been so successful in helping busy commercial pilots keep on top of their duty hours. A unique feature of auto day/night apportionment of any flight time was also added.
In 1998 Instrument rated pilot Ian Rosewell joined the marketing team and SkyLog Services was formed with the sole aim of raising the profile and expanding the distribution of SkyLog Software which is now available on-line and from major aviation product retailers.
SkyLog software is under constant development to ensure that it is always compliant with changing regulations the most recent of which was the move from JAA to EASA specifications.
We embrace new technologies as they reach a critical mass and SkyLog Pro now interfaces with Apple (iPhone/iPod/iPad) and Google Android devices. We are keeping a careful watch on emerging mobile phone technologies so that when the time is right we will incorporate new features and capabilities.
At SkyLog we never stand still, to stay in front we constantly evaluate new trends and technologies, refining our product to keep it in the number one position for logbook software.

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