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SkyLog Pro for Professional Pilots

All the standard features of SkyLog plus:

  • JAR IEM FCL 1.080 (previously CAA CAP 407) logbook format print formats.
  • Multi-HOC flight records capability.
  • Flight records additionally include Relief time, Autolands and, for instructors, a student contact database.
  • Handles instrument approaches (including Cat 1, 2 & 3 ILS approaches) in addition to JAA required data.
  • User selectable suppression of flight record student code, Day/Night T/O and Landing’s, Autolands and Cost fields.
  • User selectable option for automatic instrument hours input when entering new flights.
  • Day/Night flight time calculator
  • Student database for Flying Instructors. Includes student contact numbers and training hours flown.
  • Comprehensive Flight and Duty hours report for EASA and UK CAA fixed wing, UK rotary operations detailing Flight/Duty hours used and remaining in accordance with the EASA ORO.FTL.210 and ORO.FTL.225, UK ANO or User-settable limits. Includes an 84-day (user changeable) duty hours table handling two full or half-time duty periods per day and leave, sick or duty days, days off and annual leave. Also includes a recent rest period report and a recent instrument approaches report.
  • EASA and UK CAA CAP 371 maximum flying duty period (FDP) calculator.
  • User-selectable facility for automatic display of Flight/Duty Hours report after new flights entry.
  • Total, Annual & Monthly Hours reports include Jet and Instructor hours.
  • Includes access to (chargeable) Apple and Android apps for the creation of flight and duty hours records and their synchronisation with the PC's Skylog Pro database. They also include a Duty & Flight Hours report enabling the monitoring of the last 28-day duty & flight hours.

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SkyLog for Private Pilots
  • Accepted by the CAA & FAA for Licence and Rating applications.
  • Full JAR IEM FCL 1.080 and CAA CAP 407 compliance.
  • Approved by AOPA United Kingdom.
  • JAR IEM FCL 1.080 and International Logbook print formats.
  • Pilot and Employer address database.
  • Licence, Medical and Ratings details. Expiry date monitoring with User-selectable warning periods.
  • Recent experience monitoring for maintaining JAR 12-month Type/Class Ratings and 90-day passenger carrying privileges.
  • Audit facility for viewing/printing of all amended Flight Records.
  • Flight Records search facility based on any criteria e.g. dates, a/c type, a/c registration etc.
  • Single Record and tabular Flight Records displays.
  • Minimal Flight Record data entry requirements.
  • Flight and Check Flight Records search facility based on any criteria e.g. dates, A/C type, A/C registration, etc.
  • Aircraft database for your a/c. Includes hours flown per aircraft and defaults for routes flown and costs-per-hour.
  • Aircraft performance database for weights, fuel capacities/weights & consumption and speeds, e.g. Va, Vne.
  • Simulator session database.
  • Handles instrument approaches in addition to JAA required data.
  • Comprehensive reports for Total, Annual & Monthly Hours for selectable periods; includes Day/Night P1, P1/s, P2 & Dual M/E & S/E, Turbine, Simulator, Instrument and more.
  • Total Hours report selectable for Fixed wing and/or Rotary aircraft and for any combination of selectable period and flight record field, e.g. A/C type, registration, destination etc..
  • Annual & Monthly Flying costs.
  • Flight and Simulator Instrument Approaches report for selectable periods.
  • Check flights report including last flight and check flight dates for each aircraft.
  • Aircraft Types report detailing hours flown, for each A/C for selectable periods.
  • Routes report detailing, for selectable periods, routes flown, the number of times flown and the last flight date.
  • Destinations report detailing, for selectable periods, the destinations flown to, the number of times flown to and the last flight date.
  • Both tabular and Chart formats available for many reports.
  • Many different report Chart types available e.g. Bar, pie, line etc.
  • Cumulative Hours data entry facility for entry of significant numbers of historical hours.
  • FAA Certification stamps printing facility for biennials etc.
    Selectable date and currency formats.
  • Selectable colours for editable and non-editable fields/tables.
  • Decimal or Hours:Minutes flying hours' formats.
  • Comprehensive printing and print preview facilities.
  • 5100+ International Airport Database selectable by Name, ICAO or IATA codes and location.
  • Data file backup and restore facilities, including backup reminders.
  • Comprehensive on-line Help.
  • Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista compatible.
  • Supplied with free Palm. Pocket PC 2003 and 5 and Windows Mobile 6 (Classic & Professional) interfaces.

Including postage & packing


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